Name Guidelines

All names must be family friendly and "Toony".

Please refrain from using strong language and inappropriate references/acronyms. Any use of inappropriate language is strictly forbidden in all of Tooniversal and would be against the rules!

Don't be mean to yourself!

You shouldn't call anyone names, even yourself!

Acceptable: Lovely Lisa, Dapper Dog

Unacceptable: Dumb Larry, Stupid Bear

Names shouldn’t ever be personal.

First names are okay! However, please refrain from including your personal information in your toon name - to keep yourself safe! Also remember that names which may sound like a real person’s name will be rejected as well.

Acceptable: George, Jack, Elizabeth

Unacceptable: Kevin From Florida, Jack Davidson, Sheldon Cooper

Don’t describe personal relationships with other members.

Putting personal relationships in your names is just like advertising your personal information. Keep that for the real world!

Acceptable: Bailey’s Husky, Henry’s Guarding Dog

Unacceptable: Robyn’s Boyfriend, Elena’s Husband

All references to fictional characters must be family friendly.

We get it, even we are also fans of many fictional characters! Please choose only such characters though, which can be enjoyed by all age categories.

Acceptable: Iron Man, Princess Zelda, Toadette

Unacceptable: Eric Cartman, Deadpool

No disorders, illnesses, harmful substances or references to death.

Acceptable: Dracula, Fallen Angel

Unacceptable: Bipolar Bear, Toxins, Mary Jane

No religious references.

Acceptable: Goddess Of Beauty, Savior

Unacceptable: Jesus Christ, Pope Francis

Your Toon name should never impersonate a celebrity, copyrighted brands or a sports team.

To save us the hassle with the Lawbots, please refrain from using infringing names!

Acceptable: Piggie Smalls, Caroline The Panther

Unacceptable: Biggie Smalls, Carolina Panthers

Names should be written properly.

Toon names should only contain letters, that are also under 15 characters or less, free of errors, avoiding spam and with punctuation in the right places. Numerals and symbols don’t belong in a name!

Acceptable: Kittydog, Brightheart, Mr. Tom

Unacceptable: Thehappygoluckygirl12, Owoooooo, Litle. Mose

No variations of the above rules.

The Tooniversal Council is made up of the smartest Toons around, they can see through your disguise!