1. Respect every Toon!

    Tooniversal is a place that is home to all kinds of Toons! It’s important that our players understand that the number one priority when speaking to other Toons is to be respectful of each other. If you come across a Toon who isn’t being very nice, please do not respond with your own disrespect, and instead report the Toon so that our moderators can investigate the issue. Disrespectful behavior includes, but is not limited to:

    • Harassment/Stalking
    • Greening (purposefully making other players go sad)
    • Rude language

    2. Don’t share your personal info with anyone!

    You never know who’s behind the Toon! Don’t share any identifiable information with other Toons. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Full name
    • City/town where you live
    • Username/password
    • Phone number
    • Age, if you are under 18
    • Email address

    3. Don’t use foul or inappropriate language!

    Toons of all ages live in Tooniversal, so please keep all language and discussion centered on PG related topics. This includes language spoken through the True Friends feature and Guild chat. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Cursing
    • Sexually explicit conversation/innuendos
    • Slurs or other offensive language

    Efforts taken to circumvent the blacklist/filters will be warned, as well.

    4. No cheating!

    The use of third party software or game bugs to disrupt gameplay or gain an unfair advantage over other Toons is forbidden. If you encounter a bug or exploit, please report it to the team so we may fix it! Programs that allow you to run multiple Toons at once are allowed as long as that is the only function it provides.

    5. No disruptive behavior!

    Somewhat related to being respectful of everyone, you should also endeavor to make the game an enjoyable place for all Toons! This means no “trolling,” spamming or behavior that is meant to make others uncomfortable or annoyed.

    6. Be careful who you share your account with!

    We allow players to share their account with other people, but the owner of the account is the one who will take responsibility for any actions taken on their account.

    7. The Tooniversal Staff has the final say!

    The Tooniversal Staff may take action on your account for any reason, and has the final say on disciplinary actions. Players are welcome to appeal any disciplinary action through our support email or contact us form, but the staff reserve the right to take disciplinary measures on accounts for any reason at their discretion, even if it is not listed here.