Terms and Conditions

By using Tooniversal, you certify that you understand that Tooniversal is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and/or the Disney Interactive Media Group (collectively referred to as "Disney") and you hereby release Disney, as well as any employees or agents of Disney, from any and all liability, corporate, or personal loss caused to you or others by the use of Tooniversal.

Tooniversal Studios and Tooniversal are separate clauses, Tooniversal Studios is the community-based network for others to connect, Tooniversal itself is the actual game, more information on the social network can be located on our website of that matter https://tooniversalstudios.com/

Tooniversal provides a free online game intended to be accessible to the entire family. Tooniversal and its staff may, at their discretion, terminate your access to our services at any time for any reason.

Tooniversal reserves the right to generate any suspensions, terminations, or restrictions on your account to include anyone accessing Tooniversal services from an IP Address or device associated with your account.

A "Tooniversal Account" is defined as a submitted registration on our website. Each Tooniversal Account has an "account owner", defined as anyone who is able to correspond over email with Tooniversal staff via the exact email address associated with the Tooniversal account.

In the event of circumstances arising that give the Tooniversal Staff a reasonable suspicion that activity performed by you on our services may violate the law, Tooniversal reserves the right to submit appropriate portions of your data to law enforcement.

In the event of an account lockout or dispute, Tooniversal will always side with the account owner and make a best effort attempt to restore access to the account owner. If an account dispute is ongoing or the rightful account owner cannot be determined, Tooniversal may choose to stop providing support services for the account in question (including further email changes or toon restorations).

Tooniversal reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. When these terms are modified, you will need to re-read this document before you can login to Toontown again.

Tooniversal reserves the right to terminate any account for any reason at the discretion of our staff members, and deny any number of persons or computer systems access to any services provided by Tooniversal at any time.