We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Happy Ha-ha Holidays!


Can you feel it, toons? The holiday season has arrived! Snowflakes are falling, the air’s grown chilly, and the excitement of gift-giving has grown with each gift-filled day that’s passed!


Speaking of each day passing, I’ve been giving some gifts each day to make each one special!


As you may have noticed, Your dear old Santa Paws has landed here in Toontown Central in the past days with my sleigh, bringing holiday cheer and joy for all -- and giving a few gifts along the way!


Each day I reach into my sleigh and find a new gift to give to the toons who drop by! Some days I’ll have a special task, and some days I’ll have a different unique treat!


And don’t you dare frown in frivolous fret if you haven’t faced the fantastic festivities yet, friend!


Each day over this joyous holiday season until January 4th will have its own special treat! Whether it be a special task, a bonus, or something completely unexpected! So you still have a chance to get a gift from your dear old Santa Paws!


It’s just a little something from me, to the toons of Tooniversal Studios during the most wonderful time of year. Don’t miss it before I fly back to the North Pole and the winter decorations get packed up!


Happy holidays, Tooniversal! And may your holiday season be filled with joy!

February 04. 2020, 09:27 PM [Tooniversal v4.8.5]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed v2.0 Cog HP not updating immediately upon becoming a Skelecog.
  • Fixed various bugs with Fairview Drive.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up chests in the Diving Game.
  • Fixed Ice Game collision sounds.
  • Fixed not being able to remove dead Gag Trees in Estates.
  • Fixed battle SFX muting when minimizing the game window.
  • Fixed being able to wear Cog Suits in playgrounds using an exploit.
  • Fixed clothing gifting using the closet.
  • Fixed a crash when rejecting a party invitation.
  • Fixed Halloween outfits!
  • Removed a drop point in Fluffy Farms that used to teleport you inside the Toon HQ.
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup.
  • Missing Lawbot and Bossbot suit parts have been added to affected Toons!
  • Removed ToonTasks will no longer appear on your ToonTask page.
  • Christmas present bags will no longer spawn all over Toontown.
  • ToonTask-giver Toons will no longer give you expired ToonTasks.
  • Halloween Town is no longer accessible through glitching.
  • The Options button is no longer shown when rewriting a Toon.
  • Rewriting a Toon no longer makes you lose your current clothes.
  • Attempted to fix Toons losing Laff points during Toon data repair.

New Content:
  • Added Pressbots to Trolley Games!
  • Added new accessory placements for Deer.
  • The SOS Card page is now easier to use in battle!

  • Move Pressbot bar to the top of the reward panel and the inventory page.
  • Added a few new words to the Whitelist!
  • CFO treasures now launch out like they did in Toontown Online.
  • Your Toon's laff is no longer drained if you exit in the middle of a battle.

January 14. 2020, 11:21 PM [Tooniversal v4.8.4]

New Content:
  • Added swimming in Fluffy Farms.
  • Toons will now be named temporarily based on their color (for example: Cream Horse) instead of being defaulted to Vibrant Horse!

Bug Fixes:
  • Deer's antlers are no longer colored after your Toon's color!
  • Deer's ears now show properly.
  • Fixed Fluffy Farms streets not appearing entirely.
  • Fixed Fluffy Farms underwater fog not working.
  • Fixed the tutorial's Cog battle!

January 14. 2020, 11:20 PM [Tooniversal v4.8.3]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed cog building battles not working.
  • Fixed the ToonTask teleport button.

January 12. 2020, 12:14 AM [Tooniversal v4.8.2]

New Content:
  • Welcome Deer to Tooniversal Studios! We hope you'll like those lovely creatures!
  • Added Megacorp boarding groups!
  • Added new Laff Meters for Kangaroos and Deer!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Welcome Valley not appearing on the district selection page.
  • Fixed crash upon opening friends list caused by Doodles.
  • Fixed Cogs with invalid levels appearing during Cog Invasions!
  • Fixed new Mac game installations.
  • Fixed game crash upon sending a chat message.
  • Fixed firework game crashes!
  • Fixed Lawbot Field Office crashes when running into a whirlwind.
  • Fixed Sellbot Field Offices not working for Kangaroos.
  • Resolved Ring Game crash.
  • Resolved a Make a Toon crash related to the Toon rotation arrows!
  • Fixed two random street crashes.
  • Fixed 4-star and 5-star Cogs Miss and Toons Hit SOS cards not having an effect on the second and third rounds.
  • Fixed crash upon leaving a district with an active boarding party.
  • Fixed crash upon joining an area with an active battle.
  • Fixed rare crash upon joining the game and spawning inside a Cog HQ.
  • Resolved a few cosmetic issues with Street Maps.
  • Street Maps can no longer be used while going into a tunnel or while coming out of a tunnel.

  • Revamped Street Maps! They now show all Cog buildings and ToonTask markers properly.
  • Added a few new words to the chat whitelist!
  • Adjusted Playground Picker rewards for Lawbot HQ tasks.

December 21. 2019, 11:27 PM [Tooniversal v4.8.1]

New Content:
  • Added a third new ToonTask to Santa Paws, available after the 9th day of Christmas!
  • Added new Christmas Pick a Toon!
  • Added new Christmas loading screens!
  • Santa Paws has put on a brand new outfit!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed "Account details have expired" message that would pop up if you stayed for more than a minute on the login splash screen.
  • Fixed a crash related to the German localization.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen on the game's first boot.
  • Fixed two rare district crashes.

December 16. 2019, 07:14 PM [Tooniversal v4.8.0]

New Content:
  • Christmas is in full swing! Stay Tooned for events on every day until Christmas!
  • Santa Paws crashed his sleigh in Toontown Central and all of his gifts got lost around town. See if you can find yours!
  • Added new ToonTasks for Santa Paws, periodically released through Christmas!
  • Added new rewards exclusive to Santa Paws!
  • Added new holidays exclusive to Christmas!

  • Added new effects to Christmas Treasure Bags!

December 14. 2019, 09:33 PM [Tooniversal v4.7.9]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some ToonTask rewards.
  • Fixed some gardening bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that gave 3 SOS cards in regular VPs instead of 2.
  • Show the rewarded SOS card's track in the Sellbot VP epilogue instead of a number.

New Content:
  • Today is the First Day of Christmas! Look out for new Christmas goodie bags all over Toontown!!!
  • Stay Tooned for tomorrow's special event!
  • The Surged VP has made its appearance in Sellbot HQ! He seems to be REALLY agitated!
  • Added new Trolley Minigame ToonTasks!

Posted on Dec. 26, 2019, 12:28 a.m. by Santa Paws