Top O’ The Tooniest of Mornin’s to you!

I hope every toon is having’ the luckiest of days so far; a day as green as can be!

I know I have had a day as-lucky-as-an-8-leaf-clover so far! (You’ve all seen those? Right??). I got to sleep in late today, less bugs around, found a gold jellybean on my morning' walk. My day probably felt so lucky due to these mysterious clothing-

…Oh, how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself, and here I am rambling on. Where are my manners? I’m Ms. Vera E. Sleepy, but you can call me Sleepy for short! And boy, now that I got that out of the way, I’d love to tell you about the wonderful items which gave me this lucky, lucky day!

Yesterday evening I was walking’ by my pal Eugine’s, yes that snazzy clothing store! I was having a bad night… I had to call the local pest control, the Buggie Bros. Lots of bugs to squash, and I couldn’t stand seeing it! So I went on a walk through Meadowville...

What a sweetie, though, that toon. He tooned me up, right away, and chattered to me about his day. He’s been telling me about all that mysterious green sludge winding up around his building. Oh, but I’m sure y’all have heard about that! Toons from all around have been trying to help dear Eugine’s shop, in Meadowville. Somehow they all wind up green from everywhere from their ears to in between their toony toes… I guess winding up stained a little green must be that easy!

But as I was talking with Eugine about the newest and hottest trends in Tooniversal, he told me a secret! He has an ol’ friend who he claims found a use for that green gook, and it’ll be in the most fashion forward items, yet! Eugine’s pals always seem to be a little mad, perhaps even bonkers… But once I tried these glorious clothes, they made me feel so lucky. I muttered to myself in my sleep last night, “Why don’t I let everyone in on these charm-worthy fashion statements"? I promise you, I said that!

Fashioned from the finest of four leaf clovers, and dyed with the most luxurious and environmentally friendly greens, is a top engrained with the LUCKOFTHEIRISH. And there’s also a hat for the most formal TEATIME wear. These items are sure to make you feel as lucky as me!

I hope to see you all around looking as confident in green, as I am! And while you’re at it, stop by my pal Eugine’s? He can’t get the Mayor out there to help his store until the 20th… so I’m sure he’d appreciate you stopping on by before then!

Well, I’m gonna go take another nap! But I hope to wake up later and see you all having a day as happy as me.

With luck,

Ms. Vera E. Sleepy

March 31. 2020, 04:40 AM [Tooniversal v5.0.0]

New Content:
  • Toontown Online accurate nametags via "libotp"
  • St. Patty's Day Clothing

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix "Quests Hacks" and "Quests Bug". You can no longer have more quests then the limit.
  • Patch "Suit Glitches" and "Suit Hacks" for good.
  • Fixed crash related to suit health bars.
  • Screwed a loose gear in the "otp".
  • Fixed a crash in "FireworkShowMixin".
  • Small tweak to avatar for Python 3 compatibility.
  • Added some more "Magic Words".
  • Fixed a crash in DistributedPartyTrampolineActivity.
  • NPC Collisions tweaking for player interactions.
  • Unloading an empty tree should not result in a crash any longer!
  • Fixed a crash on exit when unapplying Staff member cheesy effects.
  • Fixed a crash due to invalid keybinds.
  • Drastically reduce the amount of trolley games required for the trolley game tasks.
  • Separate ride the trolley quest check from play minigames quest check.
  • Improved and streamlined settings for accepting whispers and teleports to include guilds.
  • Fixed mute magic word showing the invoker's name instead of the target's name.
  • Changed an escape character from invoking improper messages.
  • Finished giving random TTO NPCs the proper DNA.
  • Changed some text to once again use escape characters because they're necessary.
  • Changed some text to not use escape characters because they're not necessary.
  • Added BossCogAvatarPanel and move health bars to the AvatarPanels.
  • Fixed results of being tired.
  • Fixed SOS Trap EXP Bug.
  • Fixed the coloring on fixed NPC Toons & added a bit more to their character.
  • Helped certain shopkeepers with their identity crisis.
  • Added some Dev Debug tools to bust the Cogs.
  • Fixed general loading protocols.
  • Quite a few bug fixes related to CJ battles.
  • Several bugfixes and tweaks related to boss fights.
  • Some bugfixes and tweaks on "AI".
  • Fixed a weather crash.
  • Fixed crash with the Picnic Tables when joining a playground with players...
  • Client no longer crashes if unknown Toon is picked up by tornado.
  • Fixed Target minigame crash.
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks in regards to Toons.
  • Fixed the reward crates locking up sometimes and not checking your mailbox capacity.
  • Fixed Sellbot HQ door animations.
  • Upgraded the Boss HP bars.

Posted on March 17, 2020, 9:07 p.m. by Vera E. Sleepy