Yikes! It seems the Pressbots have started their invasions across Toontown. Gumshoes have been spreading a daily scoop that Toons are not going to miss. It seems as of today, Pressboot HQ has been discovered by some of our Toon Resistance members, and it seems that a new boss could be on the horizon.

Sorry to interrupt your silly spoils, but we come with a memo from our chief at headquarters.

“In light of recent events, it seems nobody seems to take this organization in a serious manner. It is with great dispute that we present to you our temporary headquarters in order to raid your puny little town. Effective immediately, you Toons will be stomped to bits.”

As Gumshoes, we know the policy in dealing with you pesky animals. In order to disrupt the cartoon fun, it’s time to serve the news how it is and publish the report on Toontown’s end. With that being said, you should consider your stance in what you believe to be true and false; scuffing ourselves on your imprint will be no issue. Prepare yourselves Toons; time for you to get the boot. 


The Gum on your Shoes

As of April 8th, Pressboot HQ has been squashed by the resistance! Thank you toons for helping defend Toontown against the clutches of the evil Gumshoe! But that does leave us wondering.. where is this mysterious Pressbot HQ?

Posted on April 1, 2020, 4:57 a.m. by Gum 41