Easter has Sprung!

Spring into action with Easter cheer, a time for celebration with family, friends, and of course Easter Egg hunts. Now I’m no sucker, but those eggs I had were taken by some of 'em sneaky cogs y'see, so I’m countin' on you toons to help me retrieve these eggs! If yer' lucky maybe even give you a prize in return! It’s gon' take an awful lot of you to help me get these eggs back, so everyone gather 'round!

Now before I run in search of these eggs, I just want to give a friendly reminder that Easter is not only about the huntin', but also about spending time with those we cherish; might even be meetin' some new fellers in this 'ere event. So come on down, show us what you can find! Back to the field for now, better get my eggs before those machines get their grubby hands on 'em! Stay Toontastic!

Redeem the code: "hoppingmad" for a first look at our Springtime clothing collection. Will you find them all this Easter Holiday?

May 24. 2020, 05:32 PM [Tooniversal v5.2.3]

New Content:
  • Added new search option to your Friends List!
  • The restriction for setting in-game resolution for windowed mode has been removed for now.
  • New SpeedChat phrase: Let's use spin!
  • Teams of less than 4 Toons will now be sided together in Boss Battles!
  • Updated Chat whitelist.

  • Make-a-Toon names must no longer be longer than 20 characters.
  • Lowered volume of Toon Street hydrants, mailboxes and trash cans!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed minor lag in the Bossbot C.E.O. battle.
  • Fixed the Bossbot Maze timer.
  • It is now possible to carry Level 7 Gags.
  • The Cog Suit Shtiker Book page now appears correctly after receiving your first Cog Suit part.

May 15. 2020, 10:50 PM [Tooniversal v5.2.2]

  • It is now possible to see each Gag's accuracy in battle!
  • Rebalanced Gag hit accuracy.
  • Added new words to the whitelist!
  • Added proper full mailbox error message.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash that happened to Toons created a very long time ago with invalid ToonTasks.
  • Fixed Golf Tees removing Golf Balls in the Bossbot C.E.O. battle.
  • Fixed problem with stomping goons.
  • Potentially fixed Laff meters not disappearing after a Cog battle.

May 09. 2020, 09:03 PM [Tooniversal v5.2.1]

New Content:
  • Enjoy our new Discord Blurple event! Come and play today!
  • Added new Toon colors: Blurple and Discord Black!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash when using the Events Page in the Shticker Book.
  • Your own anvils will no longer hurt you in a Toon Battle Race!
  • It is no longer possible to "solo" Toon Battle and Grand Prix races.
  • Grand Prix races now work properly, instead of ending after just one race.
  • Fixed racing starting block countdown!

May 09. 2020, 08:58 PM [Tooniversal v5.2.0]

New Content:
  • It is now possible to stun the Cogs in the Megacorp VP boss battle!

  • Replaced Shopkeeper reject phrases with the original TTO phrases.

Bug Fixes:
  • Our game works correctly on Mac again! Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Fixed crash in District Page when joining a group.
  • Fixed a rare chat crash!
  • Fixed a race client crash.
  • Fixed a client crash related to flower pots in Estates.
  • Resolved a rare crash for special vendors. (such as the Toon Hall vendor)
  • Resolved a rare Fish Bingo crash.

May 03. 2020, 12:19 AM [Tooniversal v5.1.3]

New Content:
  • Added a new Easter cattlelog item!

  • Adjusted the width of the loading screen title text.
  • The Silly Meter is now synchronized throughout all Districts!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an Estate district crash.
  • Fixed game crash on new installations.
  • Resolved "Unknown" fish names!
  • Fixed the fishing targets not properly appearing in Sing Song Square.

April 28. 2020, 08:49 PM [Tooniversal v5.1.2]

New Content:
  • ALL Toon Buildings can now be taken over by Cogs! Previously, quite a few buildings were inaccessible to Cogs, but it is now possible to create a true "Cogtown!"
  • Match Jaymo has been improved! It is now possible to get a Group Perfect (Improv) cutscene in Match Jaymo.
  • Continuous Cog Invasions are now available in certain Hotspot Districts!
  • Your Doodles will now appear in your friends' estates!

  • Per popular demand, we've removed the click delay from Toon dialogues!
  • Reworked the Display Mode (Fullscreen/Windowed/Borderless Windowed) settings. There should be less issues with this implementation.
  • Replaced the Toonado warning sound effect with a 3D gushing wind sound effect.
  • Improved feedback on SOS scavenger hunt rewards!
  • Both Bank and Jar jellybeans will now be checked when teleporting to ToonTask NPCs.
  • Chat whispers are now blacklist checked.
  • The number of skips left is now always shown during skippable Cog battle victory cutscenes.

Bug Fixes:
  • Gag XP multipliers and merit multipliers now show properly in the Leveling book page!
  • Some Toons stuck on the first task might find themselves completing their current ToonTask.
  • Jaymo's animations have been improved in Match Jaymo!
  • Fixed the infamous broken Cog Building bug!
  • Fixed a grammatical error in one ToonTask.
  • Fixed some Lawbot Field Office bugs.
  • Fixed sleep crash upon Toon deletion.
  • Fixed the Clarabelle button warping the Toon.
  • Fixed Cog flying animations being weird at times.
  • Fixed Toon Escape!
  • Fixed guild online/offline whispers not appearing when privacy setting is set to "Anyone".
  • Fixed loading screen flickering upon game startup.
  • Fixed a rare Fishing crash.
  • Fixed various bugs with the Rewrite Shop induced by sleeping during Toon rewriting.
  • It is no longer possible to spam Cattlelog purchases (this would introduce further issues).
  • Holiday-exclusive NPCs will now disappear after the holiday ends, and will automatically reappear if the holiday begins again.

April 18. 2020, 01:15 AM [Tooniversal v5.1.1]

  • ToonGuard has been re-enabled on all accounts, even if you've disabled it in the past. Make sure to keep yourself safe!

Bug Fixes:
  • Adjusted position of trophies in the Racing Shticker Book page.
  • Fixed the Grand Prix trophy!
  • Resolved a district reset related to Easter Eggs.
  • Fixed an exploit related to the Toon Hall vendor.
  • Fixed Toons who are currently stuck at the beginning of the game.
  • Fixed Spin SOS cards!

April 18. 2020, 01:12 AM [Tooniversal v5.1.0]

New Content:
  • Welcome Easter! Enjoy this wonderful Holiday all over Toontown!
  • We've added new Easter-themed shirts, skirts, shorts and accessories!
  • Use the new redeemable code "hoppingmad" for a surprise!
  • Enjoy the new Easter themed music!
  • Scavenge Easter Eggs all over Toontown!
  • New Easter-themed Cattlelog items have been added. Decorate your House for fun!

April 18. 2020, 01:10 AM [Tooniversal v5.0.6]

New Content:
  • Added new April Fools tasks!
  • Welcome Valley has been reimplemented, bringing it closer to its TTO equivalent.
  • Your Toon's coordinates now appear in screenshots.
  • Updated the nametag page to actually show fonts and colors.
  • Various improvements have been made to the Photos Shticker Book page.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed several issues with Welcome Valley.
  • Fixed crash in Pressboot HQ.
  • Melville no longer floats in the air in Pressboot HQ.
  • Fixed knockback rounding in battles!
  • Fixed the gag experience multiplier in Cog buildings.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Ride the Trolley toontask.
  • Accepting new friends should now work properly.
  • Fixed a bug during April Toons which would permanently reset your Toon's appearence if you visited a Toon Tailor.
  • Fixed incorrect jellybean count in the Cattlelog.
  • Fixed a few misc issues with Streets.
  • Resolved a district reset related to Cog battles.
  • Resolved a client crash related to the weather system.
  • Laff points should no longer fluctuate as much between ToonTasks.
  • The gag multiplier shows correctly during the second Cog battle round in the CEO.
  • Fixed the Toon detail panel that was broken by the Welcome Valley update.

  • Removed fire SOS cards from the VP. You will still be able to use cards that you've gathered previously.

Posted on April 12, 2020, 11:48 p.m. by I'm A. Wagon