Happy Birthday to the Tooniverse!

Toons of the World, today is a great day! 17 years ago to this very day, Toontown Online would open its doors to the public for the very first time.

The wonder and imagination brought on by the cog-crushing, pie-splatting & laugh-inducing cartoon world of Toontown Online was shared by thousands. And for the next 10 years beyond that day, many of us would create lasting memories that we will forever cherish.

Toontown Online may have closed its doors to the public in 2013, and with it spirits dwindled, but not for long! With the dedication and love for the game, here we still are, 7 years later after it closed, 17 years after it originally launched! And it’s no longer just a Toontown... It’s gone totally Tooniversal!

For the Toons of the Tooniverse who’ve spent time with Toontown Online all those years ago, we urge you to revisit those days in your mind, and take a moment to reflect on what things you appreciate about Toontown as a whole. We at Tooniversal think about it a lot!

We’re wishing not only Toontown Online a happy birthday, but every Toon in the Tooniverse! For if Toontown Online never existed, we wouldn’t be here right now! So let’s celebrate!

As we continue to grow and expand our vision of Toontown, we happily look to the past and appreciate what brought us all here. May the Toons of the Tooniverse have one of the best cog-crushing, pie-splatting & laugh-inducing birthdays yet.

Happy 17th Birthday, Toontown! 

June 05. 2020, 03:31 AM [Tooniversal v5.2.5]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix some problems related to task progress and laff.
  • Fix some issues with the Screenshots Page in the book.
  • Fix Cog attack damage not displaying correctly on the Cog panels.
  • Fix custom control settings not being read if custom controls are turned off.
  • Potential fix for glitches involving ignore panel, staff toon panel, and other similar panels.
  • Fix behavior of Cog HQ population amounts on the Districts Page.
  • Fix CEO Golfing.
  • Fix Cog Gallery frame.
  • Fix several issues with Field Offices.
  • Fix Estates freezing after logging out at an Estate.
  • Potentially fix the damage of Piano.

  • New model for Pressbot Cog Buildings.
  • Trunks can no longer be gifted because they are gender specific furniture items.
  • Move Next and Back buttons on Pick-A-Toon so they're not covered on lower resolutions.
  • Reduce volume of Sellbot HQ lobby door.
  • Increase battle time to 35 seconds.
  • Lower Bowling Cheesy Effect volume.
  • Lower spawn rate for Field Offices.
  • Options button position now adjusts in more situations so it won't be covered up.
  • Add some text to Caged NPC in VP during the Pie Round.
  • Add some new Toon Tips.
  • Remove some mentions of Silly Sweets.
  • Add message when obtaining a Crate Key.
  • Make Nametags clickable in battles.
  • Move vote count text on Reward Panel so it doesn't overlap the Spin XP earned in the battle.
  • Reposition Doodles on Doodle Panels so their feet don't hang off the panel in some cases.

Posted on June 2, 2020, 8:21 p.m. by Tooniversal Staff