Doodle Days of Summer

Phew! I need a breather! I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a reallllly hot summer! I didn’t know fighting cogs could be such an incredible workout! If it weren’t for my Toon-Up gags in times like this, I wouldn’t be able to… wait a second... Where’d my Toon Ups go!? 


The Sun’s heat has been beating down on our gag pouches all day, and it’s completely melted all of our Toon-Up gags! How in the Tooniverse are we supposed to Toon each other up without our Toon-Up gags!?

Wait! I’ve got an idea! I’ll just call up one of my bestest friends to save the day -- my adorable Doodle!

My Doodle is the best! They’ll toon my friends and I up until our grins can’t get any wider! And speaking of Doodles, I heard The Toon Council mentioned that there’s gonna be a HUGE beanfest in Fluffy Farms in Toon Valley at 6 PM Toontown Time (EST) August 1st. Flippy’s Doodle Fluffy sure knows how to throw a party! SO many jellybeans are going to be thrown, that I bet everyone’s Jellybean Banks will BURST with jellybeans. Nobody would want to miss this one!

August 01. 2020, 10:02 PM [Tooniversal v5.3.0]

New Content:
  • Welcome to the Doodle Days of Summer! Come join us with your doodle for some summer fun in Fluffy Farms until August 4, 2020!
  • Tooniversal has begun using lossless, full quality PNG textures instead of lossy JPG and RGB textures! This will make life easier for content pack creators, as they can now create full resolution content packs without JPG artifacts! Please note that OLD CONTENT PACKS ARE STILL WORKING. Please create PNG-based content packs in the future to reap the benefits, however!
  • Increased the maximum laff cap to 168 laff points.
  • 350 Toons can now fit into a single district!
  • Foremans now have their own little special Cog Gear!

Posted on July 27, 2020, 9:39 p.m. by Daffy Don