Fellow toons, the cogs may have won the battle, but they shall never win the war. They may have gotten ahold of our gags and used them against us, but rest assured, when toons go into battle together, the cogs don’t stand a chance. We must take a stand against those evil cogs by hitting the streets and helping fellow toons rebuild our beloved town. Buildings, Field Offices, and even the big bosses themselves, they shall stand no chance against the combined forces of us Toons!

In honor of the toons that were lost in the fight, the Toon Council has announced a new codeword that can be redeemed in the Shticker Book: LABORDAY. It is said that its powers will make toons stronger. All you weaker toons will greatly benefit from its use. To prepare you for battle, it is highly suggested that the secret codeword BACK2SCHOOL be used. I hear the effects last for seven days and can go a long way into making a real toon out of you. Hurry though! This type of magic only lasts for a short time - September 21st is when it will disappear.

Posted on Sept. 7, 2020, 9:17 p.m. by Devious