One Door Closes, Another Opens

September 19, 2013 - The day Disney closed the doors to Toontown Online. It was said to be the darkest day in Toontown history. The cogs had won the battle and there were no survivors to the closure of the beloved game. We would all be hopeless Toons after that date, seeking back at the memories we made with old friends.

The tragedy was so severe that I hid myself in some trees in order to escape the madness that was my friends getting disconnected and never being able to log back on ever again. Fortunately, this hiding spot worked, as I managed to survive the gloom. When I came back, however, the town was completely wiped and destroyed by the cogs as they flew back to the sky. I noticed that there was going to need to be some hard work to get the old “Toontown” back with what the cogs had done to our beloved land.

Luckily, what did survive was the resources to repair all the damage that the Cogs had done to the town. While the cogs were busy celebrating what looked like their success, I tried my best to utilize the tools that were still intact, working nonstop to restore our land, and to restore the safe joyfulness of what could be a new Toontown. I knew that it would take such a long time until our Toons would be safe to come back again, but I had to keep working to get my hometown, and everyone else’s home, back.

Eventually, the hard work paid off, as I would be able to restore the glory to somewhere close to what it had used to be. Many of our friends, who were still upset thinking that their town would never come back, were excited when they saw the town restored. They settled in, and many got to keep in touch with their old friends before the invasion. They even made some new friends as they worked to defeat the cogs, who were still on the loose.

Not only did we continue to defeat these cogs to help our goal of keeping them out, we also got some other animals to join. The hedgehogs, kangaroos, and deer would join in the fight against these menacing robots. Many of us made friends with them, and together, we worked to restore our old gloryland, and improved it from what was left of our power. We, the Toons, are now striving better than ever before, and we are going to show the cogs who’s boss! Let’s keep going towards our goal -- keep them away from Toontown, no matter how long it takes!

November 10. 2020, 10:05 AM [Tooniversal v5.4.5]

New Content:
  • Added new Megacorp-related SpeedChat phrases!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the behavior of fireworks cannons and fireworks in general.
  • The Code Redemption system now uses the in-game time zone (Toontown Standard Time, PST) instead of Greenwich Time.
  • Fixed opening the screenshots folder on Windows.
  • Fixed a Mac-specific crash caused by the screenshots folder.
  • Fixed doodles getting stuck in Fluffy Farms when switching districts.

Posted on Sept. 20, 2020, 1:45 a.m. by Fabian