Join The Tooniversal Team!

The toons at Tooniversal Studios have been growing in population over the past several weeks, and with that growth, comes the need for some people to help keep our town safe, fun, and managed. Our plans going forward include a variety of things that will be exciting to experience for the Tooniverse. However, a miniscule amount of this would be possible considering the current size of our team. Without some more of the most talented, intelligent, and helpful toons in town, we can’t keep these hopes for the game alive! That’s why we request one thing -- if you love the Tooniverse, and want to see it grow, apply for the Tooniversal Team!

The experience of the Tooniversal Team involves working with the most passionate Tooniversal toons that want to keep the game thriving for years to come! In addition to helping the community they love thrive, each of our staff members have benefitted by gaining work experience that could be used to take their imagination to places beyond the gates of possibility! Now, if you think you qualify as a diligent toon, come on over and apply at https://tooniversal.com/apply, and help grow our town with not only new toons, but the fun ideas that wouldn’t be possible without you.

What does each team do, you ask? Well, here is a rundown of how we do things as a staff member for the game:

Development Team

  • Game Developers - Game Developers get into the thick of the inner workings here in Tooniversal. These developers frequent on creating new content for the community along with exterminating bugs and other issues when a few wrenches get tossed into the mix by the cogs!

  • Web Developers - Web Developers for Tooniversal are a rare set! These dedicated toons work on making sure the Tooniversal website is in tip-top shape, on both the front and back ends!

 Creative Team

  • 3D Modelers - They work on creating 3D models that are then textured by texture artists to create objects that you see in the game.

  • Texture Artists - Members of the team who are texture artists specialize in creating new and high quality texture palettes for many of Tooniversal’s expansive neighborhoods and diverse areas! These artists work keenly with our Modelers to bring custom and never-before-seen designs while maintaining a Toony style.

  • Composers - They create the sounds and music of Tooniversal, creating an immersive 

experience for the players and providing serene and/or action packed listening experiences in the Tooniverse!

  • Concept Artists - Concept artists specialize in first-stage creations of wacky new creations that toons will be able to witness firsthand within Tooniversal. These artists specialize in rough sketching and drafting designs to be sent through our Creative Team!

International Team

  • International Member - Our international team works on translating the game for toons across the Tooniverse. A vital role among many. If you are fluent in a foreign language, feel free to talk to us!

Support Team

  • Support Representative - Support team members are here to help you! They keep an eye on bug reports, emails, and are also here to help you with assistance in-game as well outside of the game! They have excellent communication skills, and are very friendly, so don’t be afraid to approach them.

Moderation Team

  • Moderator - Obviously, moderators help moderate the game and the discord to make sure everything stays Toony! They tend to be level-headed and deal well with confrontation, some traits you may need to be a good moderator. ​​​​​​​

Community Team

  • Community Representative - Community Reps are some of the most toontastic folk around! These toons are faces of Tooniversal in both helping first-hand with issues and being in-game with players, as well as providing the community with events!

  • Creative Writer -  What a way with words! Our creative writers are the same amazing toons who provide the community with well-thought and toony blog posts on our website!​​​​​​​

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply here: https://tooniversal.com/apply

Please note that you must be 16 or older to apply.

Posted on Sept. 27, 2020, 4:05 p.m. by The Tooniversal Team