Toontown's 16th Birthday

It’s almost hard to believe, but on June 2nd, 2003, sixteen years ago to this very day, Toontown Online publicly released and opened the doors to Toontown for millions of toons for the very first time.


It’s important to us to acknowledge and celebrate this momentous date in our community, as it’s the sole reason we’re all still here today. We play, enjoy, cherish and even actively develop and create new and exciting content all centered around the very basis of this game. And for many of us, this has been an on-going process for years!

Toontown Online gave so many of us hours, months and even years of enjoyment, and it’s inspired us to do great things, whether it’s streaming Toontown for charity, creating and producing art inspired by the game, or even what we strive to do with Tooniversal Studios in constantly doing our best to create innovative, fun and enjoyable content for all Toontown players to enjoy.


So remember, toons of the world! Take this day to celebrate Toontown’s birthday. Think about all the fun memories it’s created for you, the friends you’ve made and the things it has brought you and what it continues to bring you as we look to the future. There’s still plenty of fun to be had in this town!


So we ask all you fellow Toons of the World to unite and join us today in saying Happy Birthday, Toontown!


Posted on June 3, 2019, 1:26 a.m. by Flippy