Things Aren't Always As They Appear

Whoever said April was the only time for jokes, laughs, and pranks? The toons of Toontown know any month or day of the year is the perfect time for some fun. Our story follows a young mischievous prankster, D.P Dastardly, who set out to commit the ultimate prank against the Toon Council.

Dastardly’s first victim is a black cat by the name of January. He serves as the Secretary of the Council as well as L.L.C assistant for the Toon Resistance. He’s in charge of keeping up with all the silly documents that are written in the silliest of things imaginable, as well as decoding the boring documents left by the COGS.

Dastardly: AHHHH, January! How are things going my feline friend?

January: What’s poppin, D.P? Just gotta finish these papers then get them to the next meeting.

Dastardly looked up towards the stack of papers. He saw every type of paper there was... construction paper, sandpaper, grid paper... if you could write on it, it was there; However, ‘it’ was there when the most mischievous thing came to his mind. 

Dastardly: It seems like you have a lot of work to be done, so say this: You should use my latest new invention. It’ll get the job done by the time you finish eating 5 jellybeans!

January: Why, that is the kindest offer I think I can…

Dastardly: NONSENSE, NONSENSE my friend! Trust me! With one zap, twist, and a pull, these papers will be finished in no time flat!

In a flash Dastardly straps a big box to the back of January and flips a switch. The box begins to shake, hiss, and erupt with steam. Lights begin to flash. Then from all over the box, arms begin to extend, then hands.

Dastardly: You see, my buddy... chum... old pal of mine, you have nothing to worry about! With my FlabberhandOMatic you’ll be in safe hands.

January: Well I guess this does save a lot of time. Perhaps I’ll be able to go see the races after all.

Then all of a sudden the hands stop and everything is still. 

January: Huh, what happened….

Then the hands went out of control. Some were throwing pies into January’s face, another was playing the piano. They were even making paper airplanes out of the ginormous stack. Why, you would think this gadget went far and above what the Silly Meter could.

Dastardly: AH HAHAHA! Boy, I got you good!

But in the wake of all of Dastardly’s laughter there was a sound... a sound so distinct it meant only one thing….

Dastardly and January: PAPERLANCHE!!!!

With that, the tower of papers fell on top of them faster than a piano being dropped from space. 

Flippy: Huh, is everything okay in here…

As Flippy opened his office door, a flood of paper began to fill the room. One would even think you could catch some origami cranes from the amount of paper that filled the room.


January emerges with stars and birds over his head and spirals in his eyes.

January: Why yes, your highness, I will have another slice of this cherry pie!

Dastardly: Well I think this is where I bid you adieu!

Dastardly runs out of Toonhall with Flippy right on his tail with a Seltzer bottle in hand.

Stay tooned as we find out what fate Dastardly has in store for him and the Toon Council in the next adventure of Dastardly and January.

August 23. 2021, 10:37 PM [Tooniversal v5.6.8]

  • ToonTasks prompting you to talk to a HQ Officer or Tailor now take you to a random shopkeeper based on your location during teleportation.
  • Added a Toon Tip about the weather squirt boost Gag benefit.
  • The "invalid color" message during Toon rewrite is now replaced with a "color not allowed" message.
  • Toons exiting in the Field Office Barrel Room now result in the building being automatically reopened to be retaken.
  • The Red Tape effect in the Lawbot Field Office now flashes when it's about to expire.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a few Cog Radar issues.
  • Fixed unresponsiveness during the Lawbot Field Office flying minigame.
  • Fixed the Lawbot Field Office flying minigame lock-up that would happen after a Toon prematurely exited the game.
  • Fixed a Field Office elevator crash.
  • Fixed teleporting to an NPC outside a building.
  • Exiting a pool of water will now position the options button correctly.

August 23. 2021, 10:31 PM [Tooniversal v5.6.7]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Lawbot C.J. fight that would prevent Toons from doing any damage to the C.J.

Posted on Aug. 17, 2021, 5 p.m. by Dastardly