Happy Labor Day!

Rocky Raspberry here from the Astroturf Mower Store, wishing you toons a HAPPY LABOR DAY. My Astroturf Mowers are the best mowers in all the Tooniverse. Keeping these toons’ estates mowed is hard work and I couldn’t do it without my handy dandy Astroturf Mower. Astroturf Mowers are running a deal just for Labor Day…... ALL WEEKEND LONG I'LL BE CUTTING THE ESTATES FOR FREE!!!!! ISN'T THAT A GREAT DEAL? Labor Day is all about enjoying hobbies like hiking through Acorn Acres, golfing with friends, racing, riding the trolley, or maybe you just want to sit in your toon home while watching your 100” TV with your doodle. Either way, Labor Day is for relaxation, a break from ye olde’ punch cards at work. So take it from a mouse who knows a thing or two about labor and enjoy your break. 

Bert: Hey Hey Hey, you! Wait a minute there, Rocky Raspberry.

Rocky: Hey it’s my friend Bert from Bert’s Dirt. Howdy, Bert. 

Bert: I got a question Rocky. 

Rocky: What’s that Bert? 

Bert: Don’t you already cut all the toon estates for free year around? 

Rocky: Oh ... yeah I forgot about that. Well just know for this Labor Day, I will still be working hard cutting every blade of grass at each toons estate for FREE!!!!!! 

Bert: Oh Meow! I’m Bert from Bert’s Dirt. I know what you toons are thinking, a cat that moves dirt! But hey! Digging holes is fun and hard labor, and with my Golden Shovels, I was able to dig all the estate ponds. I overheard Rocky telling everyone about Labor Day. Reminds me of a quick story: Well last Labor Day, I had just finished digging a new pond for a new toon estate, Cranky something or other, and I sat in my chair to enjoy a nice refreshing glass of lemonade. As I’m enjoying my favorite drink, I hear Rocky cutting the grass as usual, nothing to it. As friends help friends, I offered to help him for the day. 

Rocky: Oh no! Not this story!!! I worked out the kinks, I PROMISE! 

Bert: Shhhh, Rocky! They need to know! Anyway, I hear this grinding noise and realize it’s Rocky’s mower spinning faster and faster. I didn’t think anything of it, then all of a sudden, I hear it getting closer and closer. Rocky says he was squeaking as loud as he could. 

Rocky: I was! 

Bert: That mower was so loud I don’t even think Lord Lowden Clear could have heard Rocky. Then, as the noise grew louder, I thought he was just cutting closer and faster. Then all of a sudden BAM! CRUNCH! CRACKLE!  I’m flat on my face under his mower. HE RAN ME OVER AND RIGHT INTO THE POND!!!!! Good times right, Rocky? 

Rocky: No, no it wasn’t and I said I was sorry! 

Bert: I lost a whole patch of fur that day down my back to the tip of my tail…. 

Rocky: I got too close to a Spin tree and it threw me off. 

Bert: Labor Day is a time for fun with friends and family. Rocky, you're my friend and I forgive you. 

Rocky: Thanks, Bert! Everyone enjoy your Labor Day and don’t forget to stop by Bert’s Dirt and Astroturf Mowers see our great deals…. Aw who am I kidding? How’s a mouse supposed to make a jellybean around here? 

Bert: HAPPY LABOR DAY, Tooniversal Friends!

Posted on Sept. 5, 2021, 12:28 p.m. by Rocky Raspberry