Hello fellow Toons!! Happy Fall to all of you and to those celebrating it this month, Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone at Tooniversal is so very thankful for each and every one of you for being here, helping to keep our town safe by gobbling up all of those nasty cogs, even though the taste is not exactly like what mom used to make.

Wait, did mom ever make cogs? No, surely not….  

This time of year, many of the staff would like to say what we are thankful for: 

Willow is thankful for the fellowship and fun we find on Tooniversal Studios each and every day.

Dar is thankful for this amazing game that has brought so many of us together in friendship.  

CrankyPrimal is thankful for the whole team within Tooniversal Studios and the community that brings it all together. 

Panther is thankful for having met so many wonderful toons and staff on Tooniversal and how all of us became a family on Tooniversal.

January34 is thankful for the opportunity to contribute to Tooniversal so it’s an amazing place for everyone.

Sadie is thankful for the staff and players of tooniversal and for making it such a fun place to be.

 Splat is thankful for the opportunity to work with an Awesome Staff, Players and an Awesome game. 

Jake is thankful for the playerbase and those who stick around with the game as it continues to stay open.

 Devious is thankful for the Toontown community, both those that enjoy playing Tooniversal Studios and those that aren’t quite sold on it yet. The toons that like us keep her motivated, while the toons that are either undecided or that don’t like what we have to offer keep her inspired.

From all of the staff here at Tooniversal Studios, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall! We appreciate you for being a part of our corner of Toontown.


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Posted on Nov. 25, 2021, 10 p.m. by The Tooniversal Team