May 06. 2021, 08:31 PM [Tooniversal v5.6.0]

New Content:
  • The Welcome Valley district has been reworked to more closely resemble its Toontown Online counterpart.
  • The Cattlelog item delivery and gift delivery system has been completely reworked! Deliveries should be more stable now.
  • Item deliveries now only take up to a minute, compared to hour long waits!
  • The options page in the Shticker Book has been slightly updated.
  • Reworked invasion display on the District Page!

  • Added missing 60 FPS animations to all in-game characters.
  • The elevator timer is no longer reset if a Toon hops off more than once.
  • Removed some words from the chat blacklist.
  • Added some words to the chat blacklist.
  • Silly Meter sounds are no longer extraordinary loud.
  • The Day and Night cycle is now limited to Toon states only.
  • Text scrolling is now smoother on the group panel.
  • Guild leaders can now disband their Guild by leaving the Guild.
  • New messages are now available to tell you exactly why your Cog Summon has failed.
  • Rewriting a Toon now temporarily moves your Toon into a different area as to not bother others rewriting their Toon.
  • In case a screenshot fails to save, a message will now pop up on the screen telling you why.
  • We've temporarily disabled the News Page as it is undergoing renovation.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Lost Central wandering Toon dialog!
  • Fixed an error in Field Office cutscenes.
  • Display regions are no longer left on the screen after opening kart and fishing pages.
  • Fixed the "Avoid the Skulls" laser minigame finishing other laser minigames.
  • Fixed a potential crash with trampolines.
  • Resolved a few issues with weather.
  • Flower bean combinations will now disappear correctly from the screen after closing the dialog.
  • Fixed crash when trying to play Field Office games in Peaceful Park.
  • Resolved an issue with Toon eyes.
  • We've moved a stray treasure in the Estate to a more fitting location.
  • We've fixed some edge cases with item recovery ToonTasks.
  • Fixed problem allowing Toons to leave the tutorial using the Guild Panel.

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