October 19. 2021, 09:46 PM [5.7.1]

New Content:
  • You can now choose to wear clothing and accessories later when taking them out of your mailbox. Also, you can store furniture in the attic directly from the mailbox.
  • Added a typewriter effect for the titles when entering a Boss Battle.

  • Adjusted the NPC Toon in Megacorp C.J.
  • Silly Saturday should now behave like it did in Toontown Online.
  • The position of moles in Peaceful Park have been changed so you are less likely to spawn on top of one when teleporting to the playground.
  • Toons Hit and Cogs Miss SOS cards should now distribute the effect to all targets at once, making the animation much faster.

Bug Fixes:
  • The game icon and cursor should once again show.
  • Clicking on a Boss Cog no longer crashes.
  • Tug-O-War no longer crashes.
  • The new Cashbot HQ music should now play properly.
  • A problem with closets has been fixed.
  • Fixed issues with Cogs not spawning in certain areas.
  • Cogs in a Boss Battle should no longer be affected by Skelecog invasions.
  • Colliding with a mole in Peaceful Park should no longer mess up your camera upon landing.

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