October 24. 2021, 10:40 PM [5.7.3]

New Content:
  • You can now delete your gags from the corresponding page in the Shticker Book.

  • We take game balance very seriously at Tooniversal. Your feedback on the recent SOS card changes has been heard loud and clear. In our last update, we added knockback functionality to Throw and Squirt SOS cards as a way for them to re-gain some of the damage they lost. In today's update, we have added 30 more damage back to each of the Throw and Squirt cards. With this buff and knockback combined, the cards can now do more damage than before the original nerf. In the future, we may revisit the balance of SOS cards as a whole as we assess the game's balance. Next time, we will make sure to communicate our ideas with the players before pushing any of these updates live. Thank you for your understanding!
  • The Gag EXP cap has been temporarily raised back to 1,000 as we continue to assess game balance.
  • Explosive balls awarded from others solving puzzles in Cog Golf Courses will now be stored away instead of immediately available for use. You can use your explosive balls in your storage with the delete key.

Bug Fixes:
  • All Bosses should now give crate rewards.
  • The District will no longer reset when hopping onto a Picnic Table.
  • You will no longer be pulled into a Picnic Table against your will when another Toon hops onto it.
  • Prevented a possible crash related to Mole Hills in Peaceful Park.
  • The District Bonus announcement should no longer appear multiple times.
  • Now only the Toon who stomps the mole in Peaceful Park will see the jellybean notification on their screen, instead of everyone in the Playground.
  • A few minor quirks with the chat system have been fixed.

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