June 06. 2019, 09:16 PM [4.1.5 (Skip Release)]

Bug Fixes:
  • Gardening has been fixed and has been rescaled as well, let us know your thoughts.
  • Fixed an issue with Uberdog (Submitting the name that would already be in the pick a name)
  • Fixed a visual issue with golf boarding groups.
  • Fixed a unite issue where the name gets stuck afterwards and or the toon.
  • Some code cleanup to help performance as well as fixed a memory leak, (Note: there is still a few we are working on!)

  • The Laff Limit has been increased to 157. Make way for new content to be in the next amount of updates. We got some exciting things to showcase!
  • The Leveling has been reworked, we still have yet to improve however, every 5 levels will be a laff boost.
  • Bumpy Bumblebehr and Gustavo will now showcase what you earned before you leave the boss.
  • Gifting jellybeans will now gift the other toons in their mailbox as similar as gifting someone through a catalog, this helps with a few server issues as certain toons were glitched with receiving them.
  • Tweaked Pick A Toon screen, this includes a current laff meter of your current health as well as fix a few visual backgrounds with having more then 6 toons enabled.
  • Turned down the emote volume.
  • Changed Stats Font Page to Toon Font. Let us know what you think.
  • Few other minor tweaks.

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