July 27. 2019, 07:16 AM [Tooniversal v4.4.9]

New Content:
  • Silly Tokens have returned. These will be able to redeem for exclusive in-game items, new houses and more.
  • You can now gift people accessories.

  • Flippy and Fluffy are working on the inside of Bowling Central, it has a new spiffy look, however still work to be done.
  • Tired of waiting in battles of bosses? You can now vote to skip when finishing of boss battles.
  • Make way for more improvement of the servers. Server 3 is now online.
  • Doodle and Nametags for Toons have been added back to the settings page.
  • Moved the indicator icon so it doesn't overlap longer names.
  • Add Sergeant to girl toons in Pick-A-Name.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix a shelf in the Bullion Mint not being gold.
  • Fix chat messages disappearing after using a Toon-Up gag.
  • Fixed a rare issue where certain toons would soft lock when jumping and opening their book.
  • Other minor bug fixes, more to detail in the next update.

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