July 28. 2019, 02:12 AM [Tooniversal v4.5.0]

New Content:
  • The Toon HQ has found Fluffy his new home, make sure to say hello to him if you see him in Fluffy Farms.
  • New Golf Courses has been added, go check it out! (More Courses will be added in the next amount of updates, let us know what you think)
  • Some hidden items in-game. What will they be? Go and find out, let us know what you find? Let this be a mystery. ❓❓❓

  • Loopy's friend has made his way into Peaceful Park, wonder what they are up to now.
  • Silly Tokens Adjustments to Silly Hall.
  • Minor improvements including a new district to celebrate Fluffy.
  • White-list updates will be updated in-game later tonight. Stay Tooned!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where whispers sent would not show in chat-log.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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