April 23. 2019, 07:53 AM [Tooniversal v3.9.9]

  • New words have been added to the whitelist!
  • Added new day night cycle, currently a work in progress!
  • Offense system has been added for swears: if you swear 3 times in a row, you will be muted for a day.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Song and Dance animation for The Big Cheese attacks!
  • Fixed gifting other Toons.
  • Leaving the new CFO will no longer learn your screen tinted red.
  • Fixed crash caused by entering a TV with an already playing video>
  • Fixed DA Office crash after teleporting to your Estate with the Clarabelle button.
  • Fixed laff loss bug in Boss Battles!
  • Fixed being in two battles at once in Sellbot Factories and DA Offices.
  • Fixed Sellbot HQ Lobby being unavailable in regular gameplay.
  • Removed out of place lamp post in Pajama Place.
  • Resolved a rare district crash that sometimes occurred after the end of a Cog battle.