April 27. 2019, 08:53 PM [Tooniversal v4.0.0]

  • New Donald's Dock taskline has been added to Tooniversal! Meet Wheezy Wise and his hilarious tasks!
  • You can now specify a reason for which you are reporting a player using the report system!
  • Toons now stand on the Lost Central Trolley instead of sit on them.
  • Revamped Donald's Dreamland theme song!
  • Translated the new Toontown Central tasks into German.
  • Added Retro Mode! Enjoy the choice between using the old and the new Pick-a-Toon screen!
  • Added the new 2013 Pick-a-Toon screen.
  • Improved the old Pick-a-Toon screen.
  • Closed some discrepancies between the English and the German localizations.
  • Changed the Hedgehog word placeholder text to 'purr', 'whistle' and 'snuffle'.
  • Updated whitelist and blacklist!
  • Reverted to the old Toontown Online loading screen, a new loading screen is in the works.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the first task of Donald's Dock: the gag choice task.
  • Fixed a crash with the day-night cycle system.
  • Fixed Raceway Ridge's street textures.
  • Fixed the Minnie's Melodyland alley model.
  • Fixed the Street section in SpeedChat.
  • Fixed ignoring and reporting yourself.
  • Fixed a trolley crash.
  • Resolved 'file not mounted' error message during boot-up.
  • Resolved a crash with the Street Map.
  • Typing chat is no longer allowed while customizing controls.
  • Fixed a Toontorial crash that occurs on exit.
  • Resolved a district crash upon removing a Toon from the battle that never threw a Gag.
  • Fixed Minnie/Mickey's name being visible before coming out of the Toon Hall door in the Toontorial.
  • Fixed a Toontorial battle district crash.
  • Fixed gifting people who haven't logged in since the Trunk update.