May 05. 2019, 08:12 PM [Tooniversal v4.0.2]

  • Added a new Estate Street: Fairview Drive! Make your way to Fairview Drive through the new House in your Estate, bring your friends!
  • Added HQ Officers to Banter Boulevard!
  • Added Inventory Loadout feature: save your favorite loadouts in the Gag Shop!
  • Improved German translation.
  • Added a new Steel Blue color to Make-a-Toon.
  • Allow group leaders to merge with another Boarding Group.
  • You can now exit the Rewrite Shop.
  • Added Retro Mode help button into the Options Page, explaining what the Retro Mode does.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed inventory scaling issue introduced by the new Spin gag track.
  • Fixed the Cog nametag style in the German translation.
  • Fixed GUI issues in the SOS page.
  • Fixed the new Retro Mode MAT not being used properly in the Rewrite Shop.
  • Fixed message duplicates in the Chat Log.
  • Resolved a report district crash.
  • Invasion icon on the District Page is now correct.
  • Fixed Trap XP not being given when somebody else lures the Cog into your trap.
  • Fixed Lure XP not being given in certain cases.
  • Fixed cross district estate teleportation.
  • Improved Rewrite Shop code: fixed security issue that could allow anyone to choose any name they choose, without name approval.