February 15. 2020, 08:11 PM [Tooniversal v4.8.6]

New Content:
  • Valentine is now active! Enjoy new Valentine treasures!
  • New Valentine outfits added! Use the code 'CUPID' and 'APOLLO' to redeem them in your Shticker Book!
  • Added 35000 and 40000 Jellybean Banks! Buy them in the Cattlelog!
  • Implemented a better invasion indicator for the District Page!
  • Added new music to Fluffy Farms.

  • Added visual effects for picking up Christmas goodie bags!
  • Increased maximum Silly Sweets and Silly Tokens count to 50000 from 25000.
  • Replaced Shutter Bug's Red Tape attack with Play Hardball.

Bug Fixes:
  • You can no longer click on the Map while the "Exit Toontown?" prompt is open.
  • Fixed a party hat crash.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Halloween Town tunnel.
  • Fixed a crash when purchasing attic items.
  • Fixed a crash with firework shows.
  • Resolved a crash with the in-game TV.
  • Resolved a district crash that occurred when a Toon died in-game.
  • Resolved a district crash with Jellybean Banks.
  • Resolved a district crash with V2.0 Cogs in the Bossbot CEO Battle.
  • Fixed a German translation crash in the Events Page.
  • Removed the ability to slide your Toon during the Toontorial.
  • Total gag label is no longer shown when configuring Gag Loadouts.
  • Deer heads are no longer too large on the Pick-a-Toon screen.
  • Prevent a crash if exiting during a sequence of System messages.

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