May 10. 2019, 03:47 AM [4.0.5]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with a certain pick a name crash.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple cards not showing up in a Race Game.
  • Fixed Paper Boy's attacks.
  • Fix a certain crash when teleporting to Fairview Drive.
  • Fix a splash crash in Fairview.
  • Fixed a few other minor fixes.

  • Megacorp Lobbies are here when going into SBHQ for example, the first two doors will be Regular Lobby and the last two doors will be the Megacorp VP. When going into CBHQ for example, before going into the Regular Lobby it will prompt if you want to head into the Megacorp Lobby or Regular Lobby.
  • Content Packs can now support changing mini-game music and certain textures.
  • When switching retro mode, it will now load the default TTO music instead of the new music.
  • Code Cleanup.

New Content:
  • Alpine Valley has been spotted in Chip and Dales!
  • Greenwood Groves has been spotted but isn't quite finished yet, Goofy has thrown the wrench to soon!
  • To celebrate Discord's 4th Anniversary, we have added some tweaks in the game to support it.
  • Added some new events to celebrate the closing of beta, thanks to everyone for joining in and helping us test our game!