June 20. 2020, 03:59 AM [Tooniversal v5.2.7]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix crash related to the Skip Button in Battles.
  • Fix some problems with moving furniture around in Estates.
  • Fix Jungle Vines crash.
  • Fix crashes related to Cog Buildings.
  • Fix crash when gifting Colored Nametags.
  • Fix an error causing the resolution in the settings to not be used.
  • Fix issue related to using languages other than English.
  • Fix issues related to Laff Correction.
  • Fix crash when planting Toon Statues in your garden.

  • Fix some errors in the staff member NPC dialog.
  • Tweak some other dialog in the game.
  • Prop based cheesy effects (Gazebo and Street Props) now spawn on top of Toons and ignore collisions.
  • The snowy sky now appears during rain and snow weather effects.
  • The howl clock sound now only plays during Halloween.
  • Add the new logo into the game.
  • Added the old cursor back from Toontown Online.
  • Removed Two Districts.

Known Issues:
  • Some Toons may have issues with their Track Training Progress. Please contact support or a staff member in the Discord if you encounter such issues.

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