May 16. 2019, 06:39 AM [4.1.0]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix an issue related to Boss Cogs.
  • Fix a district reset related to Estates.
  • Fixes to content pack music issues.
  • Fix a graphical bug with the library.
  • Fix an issue where completing a frame Toontask would always count for Toon-Up.
  • Fix name submission in Retro MAT.
  • Fix an issue with selecting a gag track to train.
  • Fix attacks related to the Gumshoe Cog.
  • Fix an issue with desyncing from the server if on the title screen for 90 seconds or longer.
  • Fix an issue related to earning Level 7 Gags.

  • Add a new message for taking Rental Items out of the mailbox.
  • Activate a x2.0 Gag XP multiplier.
  • Block off some tunnels in Acorn Acres. They'll be available soon!
  • Level 7 Gags will no longer be modified in the Gag Loadout feature.
  • Bump Friends List limit to 250 Toons.
  • A few back-end improvements have been made.
  • Code cleanup.

New Content:
  • Added text above the doors in Sellbot HQ to indicate which lobby you're going to.
  • Added new "Move all into Attic" button to estates.
  • Begin adding the new Silly Meter system! This feature is currently a work-in-progress, so expect to see frequent updates to it in the future. You can see this feature by walking up to a new chest in the Toon Hall. You can spend new Silly Tokens to get cool new rewards! What are Silly Tokens? Well, that's for time to tell. For now, you can only obtain them via Staff Member unite-fests.
  • As a part of the new Silly Meter system, we're starting off with 3 new kinds of rewards: Additional Toon Slots, Enhanced Doodle Training, and Beta Key Rewards! Expect many more rewards to come soon. Silly Meter themed shirts are also sold at the Silly Meter Shop.