November 10. 2020, 09:55 AM [Tooniversal v5.4.0]

New Content:
  • The server-side implementation of Kart Racing has been completely rewritten! Enjoy more stable Grand Prix races, a better leaderboard system from Toontown Online, and bug fixes!
  • Ticket refund has been added back for Toons that crash while a race is loading!

  • All districts can now hold 50 more Toons!
  • Megacorp CEO now gives 2000 experience points instead of 400 experience points!
  • Tweaked German translations.

Bug Fixes:
  • Added missing description for Doodle Days of Summer holiday in the Sticker Book.
  • Fixed rare crash during zone loads.
  • You can no longer retrain to a Gag Track that you are currently training for.
  • Fixed run button not working in battles sometimes.
  • Fixed skies appearing in Cog HQ lobbies randomly!
  • Fixed race condition crash during server object generation.

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