February 01. 2021, 11:17 AM [Tooniversal v5.5.4]

New Content:
  • A new redeemable code has been added! Use the code FREEREWRITE to receive a free Toon rewrite until February 15th!

  • Overhauled the rewrite character in Peaceful Park.

Bug Fixes:
  • It is now possible to take off all your accessories using the Accessory Trunk in your estate once again!
  • You can no longer see other Toons while rewriting your Toon in Peaceful Park.
  • You will no longer fall asleep while rewriting your Toon.
  • Skelecogs are now counted towards your Cog Gallery statistics.
  • Clarabelle's button now shows up properly on the screen.
  • Fixed district crash related to estates.
  • Fixed game-breaking server crash related to in-game holidays.

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