January 12. 2020, 12:14 AM [Tooniversal v4.8.2]

New Content:
  • Welcome Deer to Tooniversal Studios! We hope you'll like those lovely creatures!
  • Added Megacorp boarding groups!
  • Added new Laff Meters for Kangaroos and Deer!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Welcome Valley not appearing on the district selection page.
  • Fixed crash upon opening friends list caused by Doodles.
  • Fixed Cogs with invalid levels appearing during Cog Invasions!
  • Fixed new Mac game installations.
  • Fixed game crash upon sending a chat message.
  • Fixed firework game crashes!
  • Fixed Lawbot Field Office crashes when running into a whirlwind.
  • Fixed Sellbot Field Offices not working for Kangaroos.
  • Resolved Ring Game crash.
  • Resolved a Make a Toon crash related to the Toon rotation arrows!
  • Fixed two random street crashes.
  • Fixed 4-star and 5-star Cogs Miss and Toons Hit SOS cards not having an effect on the second and third rounds.
  • Fixed crash upon leaving a district with an active boarding party.
  • Fixed crash upon joining an area with an active battle.
  • Fixed rare crash upon joining the game and spawning inside a Cog HQ.
  • Resolved a few cosmetic issues with Street Maps.
  • Street Maps can no longer be used while going into a tunnel or while coming out of a tunnel.

  • Revamped Street Maps! They now show all Cog buildings and ToonTask markers properly.
  • Added a few new words to the chat whitelist!
  • Adjusted Playground Picker rewards for Lawbot HQ tasks.

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