June 05. 2020, 03:31 AM [Tooniversal v5.2.5]

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix some problems related to task progress and laff.
  • Fix some issues with the Screenshots Page in the book.
  • Fix Cog attack damage not displaying correctly on the Cog panels.
  • Fix custom control settings not being read if custom controls are turned off.
  • Potential fix for glitches involving ignore panel, staff toon panel, and other similar panels.
  • Fix behavior of Cog HQ population amounts on the Districts Page.
  • Fix CEO Golfing.
  • Fix Cog Gallery frame.
  • Fix several issues with Field Offices.
  • Fix Estates freezing after logging out at an Estate.
  • Potentially fix the damage of Piano.

  • New model for Pressbot Cog Buildings.
  • Trunks can no longer be gifted because they are gender specific furniture items.
  • Move Next and Back buttons on Pick-A-Toon so they're not covered on lower resolutions.
  • Reduce volume of Sellbot HQ lobby door.
  • Increase battle time to 35 seconds.
  • Lower Bowling Cheesy Effect volume.
  • Lower spawn rate for Field Offices.
  • Options button position now adjusts in more situations so it won't be covered up.
  • Add some text to Caged NPC in VP during the Pie Round.
  • Add some new Toon Tips.
  • Remove some mentions of Silly Sweets.
  • Add message when obtaining a Crate Key.
  • Make Nametags clickable in battles.
  • Move vote count text on Reward Panel so it doesn't overlap the Spin XP earned in the battle.
  • Reposition Doodles on Doodle Panels so their feet don't hang off the panel in some cases.

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